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What is Credentialing?

It’s the time saving resource that will get your healthcare business licensed and/or accredited the first time around. We do the research, application prep & submission, provider credentialing, and create the documentation you need (i.e. policy & procedures).

Your thriving healthcare business is just a step away, and we’re eager to be your partners in making it happen! Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality! Ready to launch? Let’s get busy building the foundation for your success.

Included in credentialing support


Because you need the RIGHT answers

We are committed to providing you with comprehensive research to empower your decision-making process in choosing the right healthcare business for you.

Our services include:

State and Local Regulations Analysis: We will thoroughly investigate and outline the specific regulations governing healthcare businesses in your state and local area, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the legal landscape.
Reimbursement Sources Exploration: Our research will identify potential reimbursement sources available for your healthcare business. We’ll analyze insurance options, government programs, and other sources to help you gauge the financial aspects of your venture.
Licensure Time Frames: Understanding the time frames for licensure is crucial. We will provide detailed information on the expected timelines for obtaining the necessary licenses for your healthcare business, helping you plan your activities accordingly.

Rest assured, with our dedicated research, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for the success of your healthcare business.



Application Prep & Submission

When it’s done correctly the first time, you don’t have to do it again.

Getting your business accredited and licensed to provide services can be an overwhelming and anxiety filled experience. We take the stress, frustration and anxiety out of the licensing process. Our dedicated team will procure all necessary documentation and expertly submit applications on your behalf, ensuring a meticulous and efficient process.

Here’s how we can assist:

Documentation Procurement: We take the burden off your shoulders by collecting and organizing all the required documentation for the credentialing process. From permits and certifications to policies and procedures, we ensure that your application is backed by the necessary paperwork.
Application Submission Expertise: Our experienced professionals will handle the submission of your applications with precision. We are well-versed in the specific requirements of different credentialing and licensing bodies, ensuring that your submissions are accurate and comply with all standards and requirements.
Timely Follow-ups: Don’t worry about having to be in contact with or follow-up any state agency. We handle all communications on your behalf. We understand the importance of expediting the credentialing and licensing processes. Our team will proactively follow up with relevant authorities to ensure timely reviews and approvals, minimizing delays in getting your healthcare business up and running.

Provider Credentialing

Keep your business compliant and able to receive reimbursements.

Provider Credentialing is a critical service offered by PD360 LLC that ensures healthcare professionals meet all necessary qualifications and standards to practice within specific healthcare organizations or networks. This comprehensive process is essential for maintaining high-quality patient care, regulatory compliance, and organizational integrity.

Here’s what our Provider Credentialing service entails:

Thorough Verification Process
We conduct extensive background checks and verify credentials, including education, training, licensure, certifications, and work history.
Our team meticulously reviews and authenticates all documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Streamlined Application Management
We handle the entire application process, from initial submission to final approval, reducing administrative burden on healthcare providers and organizations.
Our expertise in navigating complex credentialing systems helps expedite the process, minimizing delays in provider onboarding.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates
We provide ongoing monitoring of credentials to ensure they remain current and valid.
Our system alerts providers and organizations of upcoming expirations, allowing for timely renewals and uninterrupted practice.

Efficient Re-credentialing
We manage the re-credentialing process, typically required every 2-3 years, to maintain updated records and continued compliance.
Our streamlined approach minimizes disruption to provider practices during re-credentialing periods.

Regulatory Documentation Assistance

Policy & Procedures and other pertinent documentation

Navigating the complexities of healthcare regulatory compliance can be daunting, but PD360 LLC is here to simplify the process with our specialized Regulatory Documentation Assistance services. Our expertise ensures that your healthcare organization meets and exceeds all regulatory standards, safeguarding patient safety, data security, and operational integrity.

Comprehensive Policy and Procedure Development
Custom-Tailored Policies: We create detailed, customized policies and procedures that align with your organization’s specific needs and regulatory requirements. This includes everything from patient care protocols to data security measures, ensuring consistency and compliance across all operations.

Standardized Formats: Our documentation adheres to standardized formats, making it easy for staff to follow and for surveyors to review. This includes using consistent terminology and structure, which helps in maintaining clarity and uniformity.

Documentation Management and Maintenance
Thorough Documentation: We ensure that all necessary documentation, such as safety procedures, compliance training records, and inspection logs, are meticulously maintained and easily accessible. This helps in demonstrating compliance during audits and inspections.
Regular Updates: Our team conducts regular reviews and updates of your documentation to reflect any changes in regulations or internal procedures. This proactive approach helps prevent discrepancies between documented policies and actual practices.

Secure and Accessible Records
Centralized Storage: We organize and store your documentation in a secure, centralized system, ensuring that all records are easily accessible when needed. This includes both electronic and paper records, maintained in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Confidentiality and Security: Our systems are designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your records, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other data protection regulations.

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